Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break

My mother, father, and I squeezed ourselves in my brothers tiny Hyundai to drive to Denver. He just moved there and wanted his car. I was cool with this setup seeing that it was a free ride to see my brothers! Here is my trip to Denver through pictures. Bear with me, I took a lot of them!

What I did on my Spring Break.....
Drove into a blizzard in Colby, KS. The highway was closed and we were stranded for almost 2 days! Bummer!!!

Did THIS - which was actually my mother's Idea.
Finally arrived in Denver. Gawked at my brother's living room furniture.
Pigged out on Greek with my fam.

Went running in Denver- where there was also quite a bit of snow. And cold- about 35 for  the high.

I drank beer and was a good "sport"

Despite the snow and cold, I remembered to praise God daily for all he has given me. I also drank coffee out of an aeropress everyday. I need to get one!
Went running.... again. Getting warmer!

Drank more beer. 
Pigged out at Watercourse Foods 

Tasted this quinoa miso dish

Yummed all over these polenta cakes and tomatoes...

Hung out with these guys every night! Brothers <3

Bounced around at Jazz Night

Went running.... Decided I should live in this adorable house. 

Visited the Great Divide Brewery with Brandon,  my brothers roomie. Drank beer.

Went running on a sun-shiny day-- 65 degrees. More like it!!

Visited with my old Millikin buddy Laurie. Drank this awesome beer. 
Cooked for brothers. Pulled this recipe off of pinterest. The brothers and Brandon loved it. Click here for the recipe!

Forced Ryan to hang out with me....again.
Tasted beers at OMF (Our Mutual Friend Brewery) Time to go home in the morning...
Stopped in MO to visit baby brother Chris on the way home. Realized his arm is larger than my thigh, suddenly.  Jeez I look tired, eh?

Arrived home to flowers from Miki and my new-ish boyfriend Mike. That was a lovely end to the trip :)
Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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