Friday, July 6, 2012

Yay For JULY!

I've been working real hard at summer lately, can you tell? It takes me a good couple weeks to get used to my schedule of early workouts, naps, working in the evening, and then playing :)

This week was been fun leading up the the 4th. I had some friends over for the Rock the Dock fireworks on the lake Friday night (one of my favorite things about Summer). And now we are into July... the best month of all! Lots of things are happening this month like fireworks, Racine 70.3, My trip to Denver, and of course my birthday :)

Another thing I love about the summer is the local farmers market downtown. I try to go every Wednesday and pick up fresh produce. Check out this yummy spinach salad I made with cucumbers and beets from the farmers market!

I topped it off with hemp seeds and the new Daiya "jack style wedges"! Pretty good stuff!  :)
Hope you all are staying cool! Sheesh.

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