Saturday, July 28, 2012

Racing in Racine 70.3

Loved that Lake Michigan water :)

My "A" race was here in no time and it went pretty well- other than the heat.  I brought Miki with me for support. Patty and I picked up our packets and got everything taken care of on Friday. On Saturday we went for a practice swim and a run. Later in the day we walked to and from transition with Miki for the pre-race meeting. Transition was pretty far from the hotel- about 2 miles so Miki was pooped. Poor thing could barely keep his eyes open after that.  

Oh! I also got to meet Craig Alexander... he just happened to be chillin at the holiday inn (sorry, had to) when Patty and I got back from our run. And no, we aren't THAT short, he is just SO tall!

Back to the race....I had a blast. I loved swimming in the cold, clean Michigan water. I somehow managed to stay insanely hydrated during the whole race and forced myself eat every 30-40 minutes. Doing this kept me feeling strong on the bike and into the run, but the heat (107 DEGREES!) got to me quick. The run was definitely my toughest leg of the race. I placed 8th out of the 75 women in my age group (25-29) with a time of  5:18.

Patty got 1st in her age group qualifying her for the Ironman World Championships in Las Vegas this fall! I am thrilled for her! We celebrated our finishes with some beers at the "freaky Tiki" and called it a successful weekend. As soon as I returned home I had to pack and get ready for my trip to Colorado, which I will have a post about soon! Take care!

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