Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tri Shark Classic

This weekend was the Tri Shark Classic in Hudson, IL at Evergreen Lake. I signed up for this race about 6 months ago knowing it was a more popular race and I assumed it would be more competitive as well. The last triathlon I did in Petersburg, IL only had around 130 total participants. At this triathlon there were 490 total participants, and of that 160 were women. Exciting! 

I rode up to the race EARLY Saturday morning with Patty. It was cold up there and the water was only 66 degrees! There aren't many things I hate more then being cold, but at least I would get to use my wet suit... which I had NEVER used before. I was not a fan of swimming in the wetsuit. Luckily mine is sleeveless so I didn't feel that restricted , but the tightness around my neck made me feel like I couldn't breath. I'll take that over being cold any day though. The swim went well, and despite having to swim over and around the men in the wave before me I had the fastest swim time out of the women.

The bike felt really good! My friend David let me use his race wheels and his aero helment (I call them cone-heads) and I could definitely feel the difference. He is also going to let me use them for other races this summer because he is just that rad! Thanks Dave! =) 

My bike outfitted with Dave's race wheels.... we aren't worried about matching here!

Running felt good also, just went out hard and tried to hold pace and that landed me a 1st place finish in my agre group and a 2nd place overall finish (Nicole got 1st as usual)! They awarded the top 5 places in each age group. There was an elite wave, but their times were still slower than Nicole's and mine.... weird? I was surprised because I thought there would be more competition seeing that it was a bigger race but I guess I will have to wait 'til Racine for that. Patty came in 2nd in her age group and I was happy for her! :) 
With our age group awards :)
My next race probably wont be until mid- July, so here's to lots of training and fun for the next month! =)

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