Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Love Beer

This is no secret. Combine a microbrewery and vegan food and what do you get? One unstoppable force called Obed and Isaacs.  The best part is, it's located in SPRINGFIELD. Yeah, you heard me...

Obed's has a great beer selection, and I've tried most of them. My favorites are probably the Ditsy Blond, Obed's Amber Ale, and the Long 9 IPA. Every time I go they have something different to try. The food is pretty good as well! Here are some menu items that can be tweaked and easily made vegan...

The Trio of Dips is already vegan. The black bean dip is my favorite

Black bean veggie burger without cheese. This comes with potato chips or fries both made in-house (the burger patty isn't).

Sunday Brunch.... the veggie scramble without eggs... they gave us extra taters. 
Breakfast with beer never tasted so good. :)

Another cool thing about Obed's is that they love dogs. What a coincidence... so do I. You can bring your dog and even order your friend some dog biscuits. That is so not Springfield. Go check it out!

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  1. Beer is very healthy when taken moderately. It is also great for everyone, no matter what their food preferences are. But, if you’re a vegan, it’s best to be aware of the ingredients in your beer. There are some beers that use isinglass, which is obtained from the bladder of fishes. Fortunately, most beers are made without animal products. :D