Monday, May 28, 2012

Capital City Biathlon

This weekend was the Capital City Biathlon in Springfield. The race was a 5k run followed by a 15 mile bike..... so no swimming! If you know me well, you know the swim is my favorite part!

It was a VERY HOT and HUMID morning. I went out hard on the run maintaining a 6:40-ish pace and keeping around 21 mph on the bike (results are still not posted so this isn't 100% accurate). I ended up taking 2nd overall for the women. I was very happy with that! =) Even better was the keg of fat tire where Kim and I celebrated our 2nd and 3rd place finishes :)

My mom said I was able to race so well because of the steroids I was on all week from my poison ivy. I think she is probably right. 

I was able to get my swim fix on Sunday. We are back out at the long course pool OUTSIDE! I love it!!

I just still can't believe how hot it's been.... 
More weekend fun and some new recipes to come soon!

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