Sunday, April 1, 2012

Training This Week

I've been back to work and things are getting very busy but I haven't let up too much on training. 8 more weeks... I can do this!

Patty and I at Lake Sanchris during our Sunday morning ride.

Some Swim/ Bike/ Run Numbers for the week
0- number of days I rested this week... or in a real long time for that matter. Need to get better at that. 
31- miles I ran (every day but today)
9,700- yards I swam (3 days)
67-miles on the bike (2 days)

Okay enough bragging, but not bad for working two jobs and being a single mom!

What, you don't think he counts?? :)

More Random numbers
2- number of times I made it to crossfit this week- yay!
1:30- PM time I woke up yesterday... and in a slight panic. What happens when I don't set an alarm. 
87- High temp for today- Hottest day yet.
120- number of box jumps I did Friday at CFI... ouch
120- Number of overhead squats I did on the same day. Double ouch.
3- The number of times I went out to eat this week. Lazy. 
6- Days until my next race, the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon
1:45:01- My PR in a 1/2 marathon. That's the time to beat!

 I recently discovered I could do T2B (toe-to-bar) on a floating bar... cake!

I need to convince myself to do some sort of taper this week. Brother Daniel comes home this weekend and so does Kara! Have a good week!

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