Monday, April 16, 2012

Chicago Time

Miki and I decided to head up to Chicago this past weekend! Here are some pictures...

My friend Abe came along and snapped a pic of  Miki at the wheel!

Beautiful Church right by my friend Justin's apartment. We finally went inside.
It reminded me of Sistine Chapel.
Dinner at Northdown Cafe & Tap. We were able to cram 10 people in here without a reservation! They had some vegan options and several craft beers on tap. I had the Vegan Pork slaw for dinner. 
 Lexi from Vegan Miss ordered a quinoa dish. It was great to hang with her again :)
Me and Lexi and our mutual friend Clayton.
Can't forget Justin! <3
Brunch at the Pick-Me-Up cafe- Veggie Pita and Fries.
As you might recall I was feeling pretty stressed last week. There is just so much to wrap up at school in the next 6 weeks! It was GREAT to get out of town and take a little break... even from training. 


 Next Saturday is the first triathlon of the season out in Petersburg, IL. It's a very non-competitive and fun sprint triathlon. It will be good to see lots of familiar faces out again! Have a good week friends!


  1. Northdown makes their own seitan from scratch! And their pickled veggies are homemade. :]

  2. Love your dog!

    I'm heading to Chicago in a couple of weeks and definitely trying to figure out where to eat gluten free vegan.

    Anyhow. Looks fun!

  3. Lexi, that's awesome I didn't know that! Def. want to go back.

    Emily, Lexi know's all the hot spots.. but I'm 99% sure what she got at Northdown was GF and I know of one dish off the top of my head from the Chicago Diner you would like!