Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Day Parade Run and Other Fun

 My friend Kara moved down  to St Louis in the fall and I have been missing her she and I decided to run a race together! I ran the St. Patrick's Day 5 mile Parade run with Michelob Ultra last year so I knew it was a good one!  I am totally a picture person, so here is my weekend through pictures! :)

At the starting line- Me, Kara, and , Lauren (one of my teammates who lives in STL) 

Festive socks... mega nerds.
I took this picture of all the racers behind me right before the start.
 That dude who saw me take the photo makes me laugh!
Post-race beers with another one of my teammates, Alex.

Vegan pizza from Pi... BAM

Kara and I decided to stick together and ran the race in 41 minutes... about an 8:15 pace. Not terrible considering the summer like heat and humidity we've been having... it was awful on race day!! Afterwards we enjoyed some beers on Delmar St. and hit up Pi Pizzeria where you can get a vegan pizza. What could be better? The next day Kara and I slept in and did some shopping before I went home. It was such a fun weekend!!  

I brought Miki with me to Kara's which made for some entertainment because Kara has a cat named Oscar. I was a little worried because: 
1. I'm pretty allergic to cats among most other things
2. Miki has never been around a cat before 
We both did just fine though! In fact, I think Miki misses Oscar a little right now!

I'm gonna get you...

Hope you enjoyed the photos! I have the week off and am planning on trying a new recipe or two so I will have those to share soon! Have a good week followers :)


  1. Just found your blog and I'm excited to try some of your recipes! I have been an on and off again vegan for the past few years but just recently joined a CrossFit gym where I signed up to do a Way Of Life challenge which entails eating Paleo aka lots of meat. It has been okay but I don't love eating meat. It will be good to read how you deal with eating vegan and crossfitting!