Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Year of the Marathons

My running history:
My first encounter with running was in 2002 (my junior year in high school). I remember heading out the door one morning in some crappy old sneakers (probably Nike shocks... ha!) because I felt guilty for skipping out on a swim workout. I think I made it about 1/2 mile before I turned around and literally said "fuck this". I was used to water and running involved this foreign thing called gravity- which kinda hurt! I didn't hit the pavement again for 4 years, when my Millikin swimming buddy, Jessie, convinced me to run a 5 k with her. I didn't train and had no idea what the hell I was doing, BUT had fun nonetheless. After my swimming career officialy ended the following year I decided to train for a half marathon. My first was the Lincoln Memorial half marathon in 2007 (with another MU swimming buddy Kara). I have done countless half marathons and 2 marathons since then. I love to run!! =)

All signed up!! Woot Woot!

Running in the Daylight!? What is that???

It was great to get out for a long run this weekend in the DAY time and some unseasonably warm temps. I think I'm going to start splitting my longer runs up beginning tomorrow with a 5 miler in the morning and a 6-7 miler in the evening. I am planning on racing the Illinois Marathon in April with Kara. I Haven't signed up yet, but don't have any reason to believe that it would fill up. I was going to just focus on that Marathon and the Racine 70.3 for my big races this year, but then Jason had to go and sign up for the Chicago Marathon today. I am not good at being a spectator so decided to sign up on a whim. I figure 2 marathons plus a 1/2 IronMan will make up for the fact that I'm not doing a full IronMan this year. I'm pumped for race season, and these warm temps are only getting me more in the mood!! This is what my lineup looks like so far:


Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon

 Pioneer Sprint Triathlon

Illinois Marathon 

Tri-Shark Sprint Triathlon

Decatur Lakeside Triathlon
Ironman Racine 70.3
Iron Abe Triathlon (olympic) 

Railsplitter Triathlon

 Big Shoulders 5k Swim

Chicago Marathon

I'm assuming there will be another 1/2 marathon somewhere in the fall to get ready for Chicago.

Happy training friends!!


  1. Good luck with all the races! I'll be running the Lincoln Memorial Half as well. I think I'm taking the year off from fulls. I bet you could BQ at some point this year!

  2. Thanks!! :) I would die if I qualified for Boston! See you at LM!