Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Four day weekend for Chatham!? Whohoo! I'm not sure why we had today off, BUT I'm not asking any questions. Thanks to the extra time I was able to get some quality run and swim time in. On Friday I swam with a new friend,  Brett, at the fit club pool, masters Sunday, and solo at Eisenhower today.
My swim workout today. Yes, I made the 1:10 interval!
  I don't like swimming alone, but if I must, I prefer someone at least tell me what to do. I could write my own workouts...  I just get bored so easily in the water. Good thing I have my own personal swim coach at my fingertips. Like I've always said, just text and you will receive. :)

Okay.. that might not work for most things.

I also did quite a bit of cooking this weekend! I experimented and made up a few new recipes and am planning to share them with you later in the week. Very excited about them by the way! Aside from my own creations,  I get the majority of my recipes from cookbooks, VegWeb, and fellow bloggers. One blogger who I would like to mention is Lexi. She is an excellent cook in Chicago, IL, who regularly posts recipes to her blog. Check out her blog: Vegan Miss. I've tried a few of her creations and loved them.  Lexi's Tuscan Kale is one of my new favorite recipes to make because I typically have all the ingredients on hand. Yesterday I stopped in at food fantasies (obsessed with that place) and picked up some organic Kale and made this:
Lexi's Tuscan Kale recipe + carrots!
I followed Lexie's instructions exactly, only added some leftover carrots. It turned out to be perfection. Thanks again, Lexie:)
Have a great week everyone! Mine will only be 3 days long :)


  1. Thank you!! I posted your recreation on VM's FB and Flickr. I'm so happy people check out my recipes and like them. *blush*