Sunday, February 5, 2012

Minor Setback

60 degrees, YES! Decided to throw on 
the CEP's to spare everyone's eyes.

Was able to get another long (11mile) run in on Thursday. Split it up by doing the first 5 in the morning with Patty, Kari, and Garrett and ended it with a solo 6 in the park after work... in shorts and a t-shirt (Ah-mazing). I had planned on going longer, but I was experiencing a slight pain in my left knee. I decided enough was enough and went home to RICE it. 

Friday I began to feel under the weather and actually had to leave work early because of it! Still somehow made it to Chicago, but seriously did nothing other than sleeping and (at least) eating. We ventured out to go to the Chicago Diner and REI (a sporting goods store Jason likes) but that was about the extent of my willingness to move a muscle. Miki slept on my lap the whole way back to Springfield and once we got here, he cuddled up with me for another nap. I love my dog and how in-tune he is with his surroundings. He really knows how to be there when I need him.

The Chicago Diner- My favorite place to eat in Chicago.
Miki, the living heating pad.

 Hopefully that was enough rest for me and my knee!! I'm also getting a massage tomorrow as long as I am feeling better! Have a good week! 


  1. What do vegans eat at diners?

  2. This is actually a meat-free diner. It is all vegetarian and vegan! If you are ever in Chicago you need to check it out. Their sweet potato fries are to die for. :)