Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Job At My Old Home

I have been surrounded by water for as long as I can remember. My parents have lived on Lake Springfield since they moved here from the little Long Island, NY when I was just a baby. I was in swimming lessons by age 2. The only thing I remember wanting to do as a kid involved water. I loved to spend countless hours on the lake, at my grandparents pool, or the IBYC pool here in town. ALL my birthday parties were pool parties. All my mom had to do was mention the words "swim team" and the rest was history.

That's me, doing what I did best swimming at Millikin University

The pool- My home away from home. 

Somehow after 25 years of swimming I still like it. Right now I find myself trying to make it to masters swimming as often as my schedule permits, which is what I did this past weekend. Typically we can get in 4,000yards in one workout. I've also found myself at the pool more often for other reasons, my new job! Say hello to SUSA's newest coach. Having a blast coaching some 7-12 year olds =) Brings back so many good memories from when I swam for SUSA.

Why do the weekends always have to fly by? Had a great time with Jason here and went out for some "cheat" food. We both are big fans of Xochimilco on the west side. The veggie fajitas sans sour cream, rice, and cheese is absolutely vegan and delicious. Someone wanted something extra. He would kill me for posting this pic...But seriously, I don't see the point of this blog if I can't post pics of what's happening in my life!

A cute boy partaking in the Mexican tradition of 
chips, salsa, and margaritas. I will stick with my corona

Sunday we watched football (at least I tried really hard to) while I made vegan wings and sweet potato fries for Jason. Recently made some of Lexi's Chicken Salad that I found on her blog. This recipe turned our great, thanks girl! Close friend Emily Z came over last night for some black bean pancakes (sounds weird, I know, but very good). So yes, been doing lots of cooking lately and will be posting some more recipes very soon! 

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